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”Accredited Training to ensure a Work-Safe Environment”

  • On-site Fire Training for all levels of employees, Office or factory environment.
    A handout is provided to employees, outlining the Warden session/s.

  • Detailing the Role of Chief Warden/Dept. Chief Warden & Wardens, (ECO) team

  • Immunity for Wardens during “any” Emergency - Good Samaritan Act.

  • Identify Assembly Areas/points in each facility, (not generic site specific)

  • Procedure for employees to contact the Emergency Services on “000”

  • Dangers of Fire, Smoke, Heat & Toxic gasses/fumes that are poisonous

  • Identify issues associated with a partial or full evacuation/area within a facility

  • How to contain the Emergency or Fire located in your building, (what’s your role)

  • Employees walk around areas of facility to ensure familiarisation of area/s

  • FIP, EWIS system, Fire/smoke doors, smoke/thermal detection, networked to FIP

  • DVD’s of situations involving correct procedures in an Emergency for employees

  • First Attack Fire extinguisher training @ your facility on a “hot fire”
    - Your employees will be confident in using
    a Powder (ABE) or C02 extinguisher on a “hot Fire” - (if required)

  • Each Employee receives a Certificate of Certification, upon completion


    Phone: John Gott 0458 034 223
    Email: john@accreditedfire.com.au
    Accredited Certifier, Auditor and Training Cert. 4 Facilitator